Want More Readers and “Likes?” Don’t Forget an RSS Widget

Did you know that there are an average of 9,100 tweets per second, and, every minute, Facebook users share up to 684,478 links and status updates, Tumblr users make 27,778 new posts, and 3,600 Instagram photos make the rounds? There is a lot of content on the internet, and it can seem just about impossible to stand out. RSS makes it possible. How?

Narrowing It Down

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is just as important as ever. RSS feeds, including RSS widgets, hone in on the subject, or subjects, an internet user is most interested in. For example, RSS can focus on local news feeds, or on arts and entertainment. RSS technology grabs all of the headlines from readers’ chosen topics, and puts it in one, easily accessible place (usually an RSS reader). Asking yourself the question, “Do I need an RSS feed for my website”? Stop. RSS feeds are another way to guarantee exposure, and increase your chances of readership. It should be a given, not a matter up for debate.

Offering Options

All of the best world news websites use RSS technology, and RSS feeds. Why? They are onto something. That “something” is that RSS remains a valuable asset to consumers, and will help stories and breaking news reach more people. RSS does not just narrow down news, or break it into manageable lists of headlines. Modern RSS technology is also allowing people to listen to their favorite headlines and RSS feeds while driving to work, or even preparing dinner. Android and apple apps offer the increasingly popular feature, and some allow you to run the app using voice commands only. You do not have to press buttons to navigate the app, or even to get started.

Wondering, “Should I get an RSS feed for my website?” The internet has an overabundance of information. Content can easily get lost, or “blend in.” Help your content, and website, stand out by using RSS feeds, and taking advantage of the options, and flexibility, they can offer.