There is a Desert in Europe! – Travel Videos Online

Dry, dry air is hard to resist. But, they are gorgeous as rough. Sand waves stand proud under the sun. Wind blows sand through the landscape, whispering between dunes. Deserts are often associated with Africa and those of the Middle East. Do you know that Europe is home to it own desert? In this short video, you are going to learn more about Bledowska Desert. Bledowska Desert. You can crank up the air conditioning unit and have a blast!

Bledowska Desert is also known in the same way as Polish Sahara. It is open to the public year round. It’s easy to reach since it is only 45 kilometers north of the city of Krakow. Perhaps you’re thinking what a desert might look like when it ends up in Poland. Sand was initially deposited by glaciers several thousand years ago. Since then, deforestation and various human actions have caused the desert to stretch to the extent it is currently. It is actually quite large with a distance of 12 miles. It is interesting to note that both United States and Poland use the desert to train their paratroopers. Thanks to the soft cushioning created by the sandy soil, landings are more comfortable. You won’t find many trees.