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In this article, we will examine the various ways facelifts were done before.

A first procedure for facelifts that took place was known as a skin-only lift. The process involved the removal of small quantities of skin that, at the same time, would lift remaining facial skin.

The clip explains that in 1973, a surgeon named Tord Skoog found that instead of pulling out the muscles, pulling the tissues produced superior results. When examining this method, further surgeons gave a name to this layer of muscle that Skoog employed. The muscle layer is known as”the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, also known as SMAS is where surgeons target during a facelift.

We will be looking at the last procedure which is known as high SMAS lifting. The skin is cut before the SMAS is pushed higher over the face. This tightens it and giving it its name, high-SMAS.

All in all, facelifts were part of the culture since the beginning of time. As technology advanced and the medical field grew more sophisticated, new ways to complete the procedure were developed and refined into the procedure we are today.