Which Fire Extinguishers Should You Have in Your Home? – GLAMOUR HOME

In order to put out fires in the home ensure you keep fire extinguishers at hand. There are several products for fire extinguishing but none of them are the same. This video will help you understand what extinguishers work best and how they can be placed within the house.

The presenter clarifies that advice of national fire protection authorities could be somewhat vague and therefore it’s important to learn more specific guidelines about fire extinguishers at residence. One thing he mentions which may surprise you is the fact that there are a variety of types of rooms that need fire extinguishers. Kitchens and garages are especially important since a lot of household fires originate in these areas. Garages should be equipped with the most powerful extinguisher you could have in your home.

The host of the video explains that there’s a certain situation that require you to go out of the home rather than trying to put out the fire yourself. The decision to know when you should use fire extinguishers is just as crucial as knowing the best place they can be placed.