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Patient Eligibility

It is possible to receive financial assistance from the HealthWell Foundation if you meet the following conditions In the event that you are suffering from a pre-existing condition, the HealthWell Foundation can help you with medical bills. A pre-existing condition is one you have had before applying for insurance coverage. It could be a minor condition like chicken pox, cancer, or strep. HealthWell Foundation HealthWell foundation will help you identify the most suitable doctor for your condition. Some people may get coverage if they have an illness that has developed recent (within within the past 6 months) but not those that have developed within the last 6 months but went untreated over a period of more than 90 days generally referred to as with ‘unidentified’ signs.

Patients with insurance for medical conditions can request financial assistance to pay for their expenses. If you’re disabled or have suffered any kind of injury, anyone is eligible to submit an application to HealthWell Foundation for financial assistance. HealthWell Foundation for financial assistance. It is necessary to have the health insurance plan, such as Medicare Part D to be qualified. If the patient has no insurance and has high copays or copayments on medications due to cost-sharing agreements with their employer (or other insurance providers such as Medicare/Medicaid) the patient will be considered eligible.

Your family’s income is equal to or lower than 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Also, it depends on what kind of assistance you are eligible with other agencies to aid in the payment of healthcare expenses, such as MediCal, Medicare Part D benefits, etc. Patients must qualify for the HealthWell Foundation’s assistance. They also need to have insurance, such as Medicare, Tricare, or private insurance Medicare. The household income of the patient and the price of living, as well as the quantity of people living that reside in the household.