The Average Cost of Exterior Shutter Installation Services – Online Day Trading

The tools you’ll need are the ladder, shutters, a measuring tape, a pencil, a standard-sized level, drill and bits, a hammer and, if you can use snips or hacksaw blades. Remember that shutters are offered in pairs and include hanger hardware.

Begin the installation of your shutter by installing the shutter on top of the window drip. Make sure you leave one-quarter inch gap between the window trimming and the shutter since the window will expand and contract.

After marking the corner on the outside with a pencil. Lay down the shutter onto the work area that is suitable for drilling. mark the four mounting hole locations, with one in every corner. Next, utilize a universal 1/4 -inch bit to pre-drill the holes.

Then, you can use a general-purpose 1/4-inch bit to pre-drill the holes. Next, you need to move your shutter onto the wall and, using those mounting holes you can drill pilot holes using the appropriate-sized bit. In the meantime drilling through the wall to the depth of between 3 and 1/4 of an inch. It is then possible to drill holes to attach these shutter locks. Finally, take a step back and admire the work you’ve done.