Should You Talk to the Police After Being Accused of a Sex Crime? – InClue

It is possible to make the situation more difficult. It is essential to share your tale to get your name and make your point across, but your words can be used against your, so you must be careful.

All sexual assault claims must be investigated by police. The conversation with both the suspect and the person who was the victim incident is a part of. Others could also take part in the investigation. This can cause confusion if they have stories that differ from your own which could cause you to appear guilty, even although you aren’t.

One thing to bear at heart when speaking to an officer at the police station is that even if an officer themselves believes that you’re being honest, they’re not the one that decides if the punishment will be imposed. What you talk about in an interview with the police is handed over to prosecutors and the prosecutors may conclude that they are incriminating your statements they could find yourself getting in serious legal trouble in connection with a crime you didn’t have to commit. So, you must be very careful with what you tell police.