Real Simple Syndication Can Be the Best Friend You Never Knew You Had

RSS is the new way to share information in as little time as possible. Rich Site Summary is the ability to subscribe to an information source and receiving fresh information or updates on that information or topics you can customize. To put easily, RSS has been commonly referred to as Really Simple Syndication because it is just that: a service that syndicates information from one channel, or website, to another. RSS is a leading contributor in the rapid and frantic spread of information in the internet heavy society we live in with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks that are built around relevant, up to date discussions and topics.

the real beauty of RSS is when it comes to searching for information. In stead of spending the small amount of time it would take to track down a restaurant review, someone who uses RSS news feeds highlighting local restaurants would have that information sent to them when the restaurant review is published. Saving time by having the information in their personal news RSS feed would be a lot more convenient than having to sift through many restaurant reviews until you find a certain one. RSS technology also allows bloggers to syndicate blogs, creating a type of RSS blog network, and then turns into a collection of thoughts on similar or different subjects, depending on what the blog is all about.

The first thing to do when exploring the use of RSS on your website or blog is to try it out for yourself. The best way to test RSS is to track down a blog or a website you find to be relevant to what you want to know. It can be about sports, music, or cats in pajamas, whatever you want. The feed will begin to pull information and send it to your RSS news feed as soon as the information becomes available or published.