How to Get Criminal Charges Dismissed – Legal Terms Dictionary

If you’re faced with the possibility of riminal charges, then you have to count on a criminal defense lawyer to assist you. They can help reduce your punishment or get charge dismissed by using a number of strategies. This video will explain some of the best strategies that a criminal defense lawyer employs in order to defend clients.

The “reasonable doubt provision” is key in criminal defense. The prosecutor must prove beyond the shadow of an unreasonable possibility that the accused was guilty. This is a very strict standard that lawyers for defense in criminal cases will employ to their advantage.

While constructing the case, attorneys for defense work in conjunction with the client. The defense attorney will find faults with the charges and tell the prosecutors they aren’t able to show beyond an unreasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. In order to prevent the charges from being dismissed completely, the prosecutors are motivated to agree to an agreement to plead guilty.

Sometimes this will mean defense lawyers are seeking to dismiss evidence. The evidence obtained in violation of the law like a search out of the boundaries of a warrant, may not use it to indict the defendant.

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