How to Create and Update RSS News Feed

You may have heard of RSS news feeds, but perhaps you are not exactly positive of what RSS news is or how you can add RSS news feeds to a website. RSS is a way to publish online that is particularly useful for websites that are regularly updated with certain types of information such as headlines, blog entries, and audio and video clips. RSS news feeds sometimes include just a summary of information contained in the website, or they may include the actual full text the full text as it appears on the site. As well, news RSS feed usually includes relevant metadata, for example the author name and date the article was published. RSS enabled browsers let readers subscribe to the news feed for website automatically so that they can be regularly informed about changes to the site. So too can search engines see the news feed for website updating when it has been linked within the HTML.

If you want to add RSS news feed to your web site, the only tool that you need is a text editor such as Notepad. If you are not sure what Notepad is, it is a basic text program that usually one of the free programs that comes with your computer. Some people use more complicated software to create RSS newsfeed, but in my humble opinion that is a major waste of money to spend on a program just to update RSS news feed.

Something important to keep in mind about RSS news feed, is that it is important to link the the news feed when you update. The reason for this is that you want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to find you. As well, you should link to your RSS file using a regular plain old HTML link. That will take your readers to the full web address of your RSS news feed. It is completely fine just to use a text link as opposed to something more complex. However,if you find yourself yearning for something a bit fancier, you can use an RSS news feed icon as a standalone link. This is not something you need to pay for. There are tons of free RSS news feed icons available online. You should not have a problem finding them when doing a web search.

Developing an RSS news feed is a really good way to attract more readers to your your website. When using an RSS feed to update your fans, you will have an easy time keeping your readership interested and engaged with your site.