How Exactly Do Bail Bonds Work? – Mezzanine Financing Legal News

There can be a lot of confusion if you don’t know what bail bonds are. Read on to learn what bail bonds mean, and the way they work.

A person is placed inside a prison until the bail hearing. The bail hearing will be held and judges will make a decision on the bail amount needed for you to be allowed to leave. It is possible to get a pretty steep bail and if you can’t afford the amount, you’ll be remanded to jail until your next court date.

You can also hire an agent for bail.

Make contact with the bail agent, and give the bail agent all details regarding the person in custody including their names, jail’s name, booking number, as well along with the charges.

Bail Agents are charged a cost that is typically 10% of the total bail amount. This can varies depending on the specifics. As an example, if the judge imposes a bond of $5000 and the bail agent charges a 15% premium that you must have to pay a cost of $750 to the agent. The amount will never be given back to the bail agent.

When the cost is settled and collateral has been transferred to the bail agent will post the bail on your behalf and release you till the time of your court hearing.

If you fail to show up to your court date you could face serious penalties. Check out the video below to learn more about bail bonds and what happens if you don’t show up for your trial.