How Does the Metal Recycling Process Work? – Akron Manufacturing News

It is a great way to preserve natural resourcesas well as reduce consumption. One of the most commonly recycled substances is metal especially steel. This is how a steel recycling enterprise operates.
Collection: Steel is collected from numerous sources like scrap metal yards, construction sites and other consumer items. The steel is then transported to a facility for recycling processing. Sorting: The steel is separated by grade and sort at the recycling facility. This makes sure that steel gets treated effectively and efficient way possible. Shredding: The steel will be cut into smaller pieces through the use of a specific shredder. The pieces are smaller making them manageable and easier to transport. Separation: Following shredding, the pieces of metal are separated from the other materials for example, non-ferrous metallics and plastics. It is possible to do this using the use of a magnetic separator. The device uses magnets to separate the steel from the other components. Melting: The steel pieces are then melted down using a furnace, which operates at the highest temperatures. To create new products from melting steel, the molten steel can then be poured into molds. Finalization: These new products may be finished through cutting, shaping , or painting.

The typical steel recycling business uses a multi-step process that helps save natural resources and reduce the amount of waste produced by converting old steel into brand new products made of steel. Recycling steel is a way that companies can help reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability.