Auto Repair Scams You Must Know About – Car Talk Podcast

Many mechanics are trustworthy, some are not, and they may make a trip to an auto repair shop scary and unsettling. This video will explain some of the most frequently used frauds and tips to stay clear of being taken for an unintentional ride. The repair estimate scam is one instance of this fraud. The scam occurs when mechanics provide an estimate for repair work on a minor issue, only to find that it is later discovered that the repair began as $50 is now 300. The scam is based on fictitious repairs. Beware of a mechanic who refuses to explain and show the flaws that your car has. This is typically a sign they could be hiding something.

A well-maintained car will not require the need for an engine flush. Also, it shouldn’t require changing the oil, replacing the air filter change, or replacement serpentine belt. Owner’s manuals are an ideal place for any indication that these items are required. Another approach to figure out the condition of your car good shape is to become acquainted with it and spot indications such as pulling to one side , or with bald tires. Auto repair scams can be avoided by being an informed and vigilant owner. jvu6ds8pi6.