Common AC Problems – Andre Blog

It is an essential part of maintaining your house cool in summer heat. When it fails it will be obvious. You can have many things happen to cause problems. In this video we’ll discuss various of the most commonly encountered air conditioning problems.

A damaged capacitor is the most frequently encountered issue in AC units. The symptoms of a bad capacitor include that the fan is blowing warm air inside and the air conditioner unit outside not running at all. The unit may be buzzing once every thirty seconds. If this is the case in your AC system you should contact your air conditioner repair technician and request them to change the capacitor.

A different issue that is common is the low refrigerant. It is a sign that you have a problem. is that your home doesn’t cool off fast enough to get to an appropriate temperature, even with the air conditioner and fan working in a proper manner. Prior to jumping into this conclusion, you should wash down the condenser unit before you do. The same process can cause similar symptoms. Also, try replacing the furnace filter. If that doesn’t solve your difficulty, it might be due to a lack of refrigerant.