What to Do About Fibromyalgia and Swollen Lymph Nodes Under Arm and Shoulder

supplements and exercises that help aid in managing your symptoms. You should also follow your doctor’s instructions if medication is recommended as part of your treatment.

Actively participating in your treatment can also be a matter of taking an active interest in managing your own care. You might need to keep track of your health issues and take part in the creation of your treatment program.

In the end, being actively involved in your treatment can make sure that you’re receiving the maximum benefit from your chosen course of care and will help you to better manage the symptoms.

Be aware of your steps

Monitoring your progress is essential to manage your fibromyalgia and swollen lymph nodes. Note down all your symptoms. It is possible to note your frequency and the level of your symptoms, along with the triggers the cause of your discomfort. Track your symptoms and spot any changes by taking note of your symptoms.

Apart from keeping track of your symptoms, it might also be helpful to take note of any change in your health. Additionally, it is important to note any setbacks or gains. If you find that certain treatment or self-care methods are helping reduce symptoms, you may want to continue with them. It is recommended to speak your doctor If you are of the opinion that the treatment does not give any results.

By tracking your progress, you can also identify any aspects that require extra support. If you have trouble managing your symptoms, even following the treatment program may be worth seeking additional support such as counselling or support groups.