What Are Ecotoxicology Studies? – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

It is important to be aware of the potential adverse effects toxic chemicals might cause to your biological system. It is all about prevention of pollution and control. The subject is a bit complicated. Master Ecotoxicology’s group has developed this video.

The viewer will have a deeper knowledge of Ecotoxicology and how it affects your everyday life by watching this video.

What are Ecotoxicology Studies?

According to the British Toxicology Society, Ecotoxicology is “the study of the negative effects of chemicals that cause harm to the terrestrial and aquatic environment.”

According to them Ecotoxicologists strive to determine and (under ideal conditions to predict) the way in which and how much an unwanted natural event impacts an ecosystem and those living creatures that depend upon that ecosystem.

A lot of times, this type of research tends to be about conservation. It could be utilized to ensure the safety and wellbeing in human dwellings, regardless of whether they are planned or existing.

Exotoxicologists usually are involved in following the metabolic, movement, and accumulation of synthetic and natural toxins or chemicals as they make their way through various food chains.