10 Uses for Video Games in Modern Education Environments – The Future of Video Game Technology

A deeper understanding of mastery. It allows them to develop concepts that the students have learned previously so they develop deeper and more complex ideas to call their own. It is possible to learn from your mistakes no matter whether you are in middle school or university. But, it’s feasible to recognize the mistakes and reflect on them in a protected setting.
3. Immersive Learning Tools

Another typical use of video games in the modern classroom are immersive learning tools. For example, catchy words AR provides an immersive game where the students are walking about catching words and then placing the correct boxes to solve the word. This game is able to include an entire vocabulary list, or specific words for a particular topic to help reinforce knowledge of the area.

Curiscope virtual-tee is another great game, is also available. It’s much more than just a shirt. It provides an AR education platform that allows students of both private and public schools can gain knowledge about human anatomy. It is worn when the Virtual Tee is worn and afterwards, you are able to scan your body to explore all layers in augmented reality.

Froggipedia is yet another educational Apple Augmented Reality application which allows users to discover and understand frogs’ distinctive life cycle and anatomical features. It provides an immersive experience that details each stage of the frog’s cycle. It lets students see how it develops from a single-celled egg through a tadpole swimming in water to a froglet which eventually becomes a full-grown Frog.

Ocean Rift is a virtual reality aquatic safari park where visitors and students can discover the deep world of marine creatures like humpback whales, orcas, manatees and sea lions. sea snakes, rays sharks, turtles and dolphins. There are 12 habitats allow you to explore and connect with marine animals, which include coral reefs, shipwrecks, lagoons Arctic, Atlantis, Arctic as well as coral reefs. Every Ocean Rift excursion is different because each star animal features artificial intelligence.

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